The IFB Digital 7 kg is a front loading fully automatic washing machine with a wash load capacity of 7 kg. The greater load capacity allows you to put maximum number of clothes in a single time. Now you don?t have to worry about dirt, odour and sweat with IFB Digital 7 kg you get perfect washing. This front loading machine comes with tumble wash moment this moment makes the washing effective by removing hidden dirt in the clothes.

Key Features

Everyday the clothes get dirty and are drenched with sweat this causes bad odour to emanate from it. With IFB Digital 7 kg washing machine?s wide range of features you get odour and dirt free cleaning of your laundry. It has prewash feature that wash the clothes before the main wash this removes the dirt and dust. There are 100 preset programmes to function on various types of clothes. This makes you wash different types of clothes in different settings. Some clothes require special types of washings depending upon the type of fabrics. The hot water wash, heavy wash, normal wash, delicate wash and quick wash comes handy during such times.

The body of spin basket is made up of stainless steel to make it long lasting. Features like bleach and detergent dispenser make the everyday use of washing machine very flexible. The automatic drainage removes soiled water after washing clothes without you doing any extra effort. Washing machine is meant for adult to use so to restrain children from using it comes with safety feature like child lock. The other feature that is really interesting is the automatic water control which makes use the optimum use water for better results. Minimum of 20 litres and maximum of 50 litres water is used by IFB Digital 7 kg. It also has low water consumption and safety cover on door for high temperature wash.


The IFB Digital 7 kg is a front loading washing machine. It comes with a dimension of 600 x 640 x 850 mm and weight of 78 kg. It has good looks to compliment your home decor. The exterior body has a Galvanised powder coat.


The IFB Digital 7 kg gives a perfect washing for your clothes with low water consumption. Users can make full use of its other features to their benefit. It is a good product for every household.

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