The hcg diet could be a negative experience in the event you let what you eat become uninteresting & dull. Keep things fascinating by including premium hcg meal recipes in to your hcg diet menu plan.

You need hcg diet foods low in fat & high in protein this includes proteins like fish, chicken, turkey,  lean steak & venison. Low calorie, but filling Green leafy vegetable foods are necessary like broccoli, asparagus, spinach as well as other veggies like cabbage & tomatoes are lovely for the hcg diet.

The HCG gourmet diet cookbook includes over 200  low calorie recipes that were designed specifically for phase 2 of the Hcg Diet. listen to this, the cookbook even includes DESSERTS. Yes, you can have dessert foods that are low in calories for when you’re having hunger pains. Tammy Skye, the hcg gourmet cookbook author, suggests some lovely tricks to spice up dull foods with seasonings & make them more desirable.

The HCG Gourmet Diet Recipes Book can provide the variety necessary to keep your weight loss diet on track. Imagine finally getting to the finish of a diet without CHEATING!

As you definitely know by now, the food you eat on the hcg diet will either make or break your weight loss experience. With such a limited amount of calories it can be difficult to fit so few calories inside each gourmet meal while on phase II of the hcg diet, not to mention making it  tastes great.

Download Tammy Skye’s Hcg Diet Gourmet Cookbook

Tammy Skye does a great job with this gourmet HCG recipe book. they even included alternate ways to arrange the recipes so they can be used later in the coursework of the 3rd phase of the hcg diet.

I do know you will enjoy the gourmet HCG diet recipes cookbook, comforting health foods will rescue you from yourself at your weakest times.

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In the event you need delicious food to eat, spoil yourself with the HCG diet Gourmet Cookbook by Tammy Skye.

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