I am going to jot down here a short list of low carbohydrate foods and a list of foods for diabetics to eat. The diabetics have to maintain normal range blood sugar levels for keeping the diabetic complications at bay. It is critically important that all diabetics must know which foods have the potential of lowering down the level of blood glucose.

If you want to take hold of the list in next few minutes then you must read on. Your confusion that diabetics are not left with the wide variety of foods would also be clear; as there are still many food that may help the diabetics to design a delicious diabetic menu.

French Beans:Another name of these beans is kidney beans. They taste delicious of cook properly in a traditional way. Beans are full of healthy proteins and dietary fiber. It also contains a good quantity of complex carbohydrates. Dietitians strongly suggest that diabetics must make French beans an integral part of their weekly diabetic menu.

Brussels Sprout:The most well known traditional diabetic remedy is to have juice of Brussels sprouts. This juice is mixed with same amount of juice of kidney beans. It acts by triggering the production of insulin. Excessive insulin production then helps to lower down the level of blood glucose.

Bean Decoction:The most effective natural diabetic remedy is bean decoction. This decoction is cooked by boiling around 75 gms fresh beans in 5 liters filtered water. This mixture has to be boiled for 4 hours on a slow heat. After straining the mixture has to be left in a clean place to cool. It has been proved that drinking this mixture after equal intervals of 2 hours at a stretch for 1 and a half month helps to maintain the blood sugar level in the required range. However this mixture has to be prepared everyday as otherwise it would lose its therapeutic value.

Lettuce:American diabetic Association (ADA) has published that food that have a lower amount of cholesterol aids the diabetics in preventing cardiovascular problems. Lettuce does not only have lower amount of cholesterol but at the same time the carbohydrate content is as low as 3%. This versatile mixture of cholesterol and carbohydrate has crowned lettuce as a super food for diabetics.

Tomatoes:Tomato is the best choice for the diabetics who want to get rid of unwanted weight. They also have low carbohydrate content. Tomatoes are particularly helpful in lowering down level of blood sugar in urine.

Soya Bean:Healthful content of soya beans strictly controls the increased sugar level in the urine of diabetics. Soya beans have a low content of carbohydrates but they contain plenty of healthful proteins.

Onion:Onions are healthy for diabetics; no matter they are consumed in raw or cooked form. It reduces the glucose blood level of diabetics. The research studies have revealed that onion contains a natural compound that is very much similar to a synthetic compound used for the manufacturing of insulin.

If you want to have a free diabetic meal plan specifically designed according to your personal requirement check List Of Foods For Diabetics To Eat. This list will help to design a meal plan that has the ability to control the Signs Of Diabetes in a way that you’ll end saying where is my blood sugar?


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