Fairytale Brownies
[1] Most brownies in three sizes: Regular (in front), Sprites (rectangles) and Morsels (mini squares).

Fairytale Brownies Thanksgiving Morsels

Chanukah Brownies

[2] and [3] Seasonal packaging and occasion messaging (birthday, get well, etc.) let you customize your gift. All photos courtesy Fairytale Brownies.


Last month we received a gift shipment of Fairytale Brownies. The excitement generated around here was almost incalculable: a level of joy and energy not seen since…we can’t recall.

Fairytale Brownies has been in business for more than 25 years, when two friends decided to bake and sell a favorite family recipe.

That was before e-commerce; today the squares of chocolate happiness are just a click away.

The ladies were quick to the Internet: Their URL is Brownies.com.

There are more flavors than capacity to enjoy them all in any given week: caramel, chocolate chip, coconut, cream cheese, double chocolate, espresso nib, mint chocolate, original (no nuts), pecan, raspberry swirl, toffee crunch, walnut, white chocolate.

There’s also a seasonal pumpkin spice brownie.

There are also six flavors of blondies: cheesecake swirl, chocolate chip, cinnamon, lemon, pecan and raspberry white chocolate.

The good news is that all the bars freeze beautifully. Drooling yet?

There are also sugar-free mini-versions, called Morsels, in original and walnut.

Fairytale has long had packaging for every occasion: whether holiday designs, occasion messages (Happy Birthday, Congratulations, etc.).

The company has recently converted its solid brown box to perky polka dots that appeal to all levels of sophistication.

Custom-printed sleeves are available for corporate gifts.

In addition to picking your packaging, you can pick your size:

  • Full size, 3″ x 3″, the standard.
  • Snack size Sprites, half-size, 3″ x 1.5″.
  • Bite size Morsels, quarter-size, 1.5″ x 1.5″, also available with no sugar added.
    All brownies are individually wrapped.

    You can send as few or as many goodies as you like, from small boxes to gift towers.

    The company also makes cookies, available on their own or in combination with brownies and blondies.

    Ready to make your selections?

    Head to Brownies.com.


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