If you are a teenage guy who would like to venture out into the dating scene, you have come to the right place!

Teenage years or adolescence is the moment wherein people usually go out and meet people. Also, this is the age when there is raging hormones and so people look for an intimate relationship with another person. However, this is also an awkward stage since adolescents usually are not yet comfortable with their bodily changes and also with these kinds of situations. It is a period of exploration for both teenage girls and boys, and so they need someone or something to guide them through this social process.

Now, here are guides and some dating tips for teenage boys.

• Keep it light. Since you are young, you must not take every date you have very seriously immediately. Try to keep your date activities and conversations light, enjoyable, and youthful.

• Avoid awkwardness. Do not make an effort to pretend doing grown-up activities such as eating out in a fine dining restaurant, for example. Just engage in an activity that you are sure both of you would love. This way, you would prevent your date from being a disaster and you would be comfortable with your date.

• Make it special. Although previously mentioned that you should make it light and loose, you must also keep in mind that you are working on a premise that you are with a potential romantic partner and there might be a possibility that it would happen in the future. Hence, you must not make your date something that normal friends do. Be more romantic by injecting special touches into your date like bringing a flower or be extra gentlemanly.

• Be interesting. Do not bore your date with being too serious about the topics you two talk about. You could try opening up on some interesting facts and trivia about you. However, be mindful of not divulging too much information about your personal problems or issues.

• Dress to the occasion. If you have already preplanned what you would be doing on your date, be sure that you are appropriately dressed. If you would be in a laidback afternoon activity, be sure not to wear something too formal. At the same time, always avoid being underdressed. Be comfortable yet presentable at all times.

• Be subtle. Do not be overly aggressive or you might end up scaring your date away. After all, you are only after the friendship and this is just a getting to know phase.


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