Submarine Sandwich

[1] A conventional submarine. Save carbs with the cucumber versions below (photo courtesy Wikimedia).


How cute are these bites, from Pierce Abernathy of

A better-for-you snack for the Super Bowl or other nibbling occasions, the concept puts submarine and other sandwich fillings between cucumber halves instead of bread.

  • Vegetarian sandwich, with mozzarella, with pesto and tomato.
  • Smoked Salmon sandwich, with cream cheese, red onion and fresh dill.
  • Triple decker sandwich, with roast beef, turkey, ham and cheddar (we added a slice of pickle).
  • Game day sandwich, with turkey, bacon and guacamole.
    Click through to the recipes, or create your own:

  • Chicken salad sandwich?
  • Greek salad sandwich with anchovies?
  • Grilled vegetable sandwich?
  • Italian cold cuts sandwich?
  • Meatball sandwich?
  • Po’ boy sandwich?
  • Tuna sandwich?
  • Add your favorite here!
    Cucumber Submarine Sandwiches
    [2] Mini cucumber “subs” (photo courtesy From top left, clockwise: Triple Decker Sandwich,
    Vegetarian Sandwich, Smoked Salmon Sandwich, Game Day Sandwich.



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