[1] Citrus peels can garnish both sweet and savory citrus drinks (both photos courtesy The Skylark | NYC). [2] Tricolor olive Martini garnish.   We were peeling blood oranges yesterday when we remembered this cocktail garnish (photo #1) from The Skylark, a cocktail lounge in Midtown Manhattan with panoramic views of the city. Save the […]

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So if all future success. These successes show what can be done. What is the difference between people who can keep the weight off? The answer is: not much. They are like you and me. Most of the systems is that many successful people with the system. This is normal. They found it worked just […]

Do you ever get sick of yourself for never being able to lose those extra pounds? Do you feel your friends are in better shape than you? Do you want heads to turn your way? You know you can do it, but it’s just that you’re having trouble finding the right ways of losing weight. […]

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Tartine is the French word for an open-faced sandwich with a rich spread or fancy topping. The word actually refers to a slice of bread. Tartine is the French diminutive of the Old French and Middle English tarte, derived from the Late Latin torta, a type of bread*. We have a childhood recollection of a […]

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Do you have something special to attend to a week from now and you desperately ought to lose those extra pounds? Well that’s the kind of case losing weight fast eating plan supporters are waiting to hear because they know that you are more likely to go through the program since you are dying to […]

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While our friend Jerry makes hummus the old-school way—with a mortar and a pestle—other lovers of homemade hummus have discovered the super-easy blender/food processor hummus technique. Store-bought containers are way too small and pricey: It’s a bargain to make your own, and easy (here’s a recipe). When you make your own, you can avoid preservatives […]

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