Freeze leftover fresh herbs in olive oil (photo courtesy Pre Brands).


What do you do when you have leftover chopped herbs and minced garlic?

Some people place them in a small container, to be used the next day in eggs, on salads, or to garnish other foods.

Some people freeze them, but they become soggy and lose flavor.

Some people toss them.

Here’s another solution: Freeze the chopped herbs in olive oil (or cooking oil of choice).

More specifically, place the herbs in ice cube compartments and fill with olive oil.

Then, just pop a cube to.

  • Cook eggs.
  • Sauté anything, from cutlets to seafood to vegetables.
  • Add them to the roasting pan, the sauce pot or the soup pot.
    The olive oil will quickly melt when you turn on the heat.

    You can also let the cube melt at room temperature and use it to flavor a vinaigrette.

    It’s a great trick for a big hit of flavor without having to buy fresh herbs.


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