Every Halloween season we look forward to a crunchy-coated red candy apple and a chewy caramel apple.

If you can’t have sugar, worry not: We have recipes for sugar-free/no sugar added candy and caramel apples.

  • Sugar Free Candy Apples Recipe
  • Sugar Free Caramel Apples Recipe

    We couldn’t find a sugar-free candy corn to decorate, which isn’t surprising because candy corn is mostly corn syrup.

    But there are sugar-free gummy bears from Albanese—not Halloween-y but fun.

    You can decorate the apples with chopped nuts (photos #1 and #2).

    You can also dip caramel apples or plain apples into sugar-free chocolate.

    And here’s how to make sugar-free confetti.


    [1] Apples dipped in chocolate. Get sugar-free milk chocolate or white chocolate. The latter can be tinted with food color (photo courtesy All Recipes).

    Caramel Apples With Nuts
    [2] Use choppoed nuts, or go for like these apples from Mrs. Prindable.



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