Burdick Chocolate Turkey

A scrumptious two-bite chocolate turkey, delivered in a beautiful gift box from Burdick Chocolate.


For the Thanksgiving dinner table, we have long used chocolate “place settings,” a [confusing] name given to a party favor presented at each place setting [of flatware and dishes].

For many who follow this tradition, the place setting is a chocolate turkey. Some people add a ribbon or a tag that substitutes for a name card.

A couple of years ago, thinking “We’re all sophisticated adults,” we chose bottles of artisan maple syrup instead. The universal response: “Where’s the chocolate turkey?”

This year we’re using boxed miniature turkeys from chocolatier Larry Burdick.

Each chocolate turkey has a center of dark chocolate ganache and toasted almonds for feathers. It is enrobed in either dark or milk chocolate.

  • The milk chocolate turkey ganache is blended with pecan, chestnut, and bourbon.
  • The dark chocolate turkey’s ganache is blended with cranberries.
    Each turkey is only a couple of bites—very satisfying but not “too much.”

    It is presented in a lovely gift box with a satin ribbon, like an edible jewel.

    You can also purchase boxes of four turkeys.

    Burdick is one of the country’s great chocolatiers; so even when it’s not a holiday, treat yourself to some.


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