Horseshoe Brand Caribbean Hot Sauce
[1] The latest in the line: very hot Caribbean Hot Sauce. All photos courtesy Horseshoe Brand.

Horseshoe Brand Hot Sauce [2] Some of the line: A set of four flavors.


We have been fans of Horseshoe Brand hot sauce since it became a Gift Pick two years ago.

The line has superior, handcrafted, artisan flavor, made to perfection from the finest ingredients.

Since then, the brand has grown into 10 varieties of hot sauces, plus two barbecue sauces.

Caribbean Hot Sauce the latest, made for the heat seeker craving island flavors.

The sauce is made from fiery Caribbean scotch bonnet chiles, a blend of tropical fruits mustard, and spices.

The company likes Caribbean Hot Sauce for chicken, grouper, pork, and rice and beans.

At $ 6.99 per bottle, the whole line offers great stocking stuffers or party favors; or put together several for a larger gift.

The line currently includes:

  • Cajun Hot Sauce
  • Cayenne Hot Sauce
  • Caribbean Hot Sauce
  • Chipotle Hot Sauce
  • Habanero Hot Sauce
  • Kiwi Jalapeño Hot Sauce
  • Mango Fatali Hot Sauce
  • Maple Cayenne Hot Sauce
  • Peach Hot Sauce
  • Roasted Garlic Hot Sauce
  • XXXTra Hot Hot Sauce

  • Original Barbecue Sauce
  • Hot Barbecue Sauce



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