[1] Magnum’s Ruby Mini Ice Cream Bar (photo © Magnum Ice Cream).


A few months ago we wrote about ruby chocolate, the fourth type of chocolate after dark, milk and white.

Ruby is the first new chocolate in 80 years. The pink-colored chocolate gets its hue naturally, from a particular type of cacao bean.

Of the three longstanding chocolate types, ruby most resembles white chocolate—but with a unique berry fruitiness that has a bit of tartness. It’s a unique chocolate experience.

Here’s more about ruby chocolate.

Confectioners have begun to introduce ruby chocolate in cookies and chocolate candies.

But the first ice cream we know of—and a perfect treat for Valentine’s Day—is Magnum Ruby Mini Ice Cream Bars.

Appropriately pink, with a cracking ruby chocolate shell, get some to treat:

  • Yourself
  • Family and friends
  • Co-workers
    Look for Ruby Minis in grocery stores nationwide. For more information, visit Magnum Ice Cream.

    Magnum Ruby Minis are a delight year-round.

    Thanks, Magnum!
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