[1] The Easter Bunny, fitted with a mask to prevent Covid (photo © Lillie Belle Farms).


Even the Easter Bunny is taking precautions in these risky times.

The chocolatiers at Lillie Belle Farms have been turning out a colony* of chocolate bunnies wearing protective masks.

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate bunnies are waiting for you, while supplies last.

Head to Lillie Belle Farms

All of the other chocolates are terrific, too. Our favorites:

  • Lavender Fleur de Sel Caramels
  • Mixed Chocolates
  • Smokey Blue Cheese Truffles
    *Collective Nouns For Rabbits

  • Bury of Rabbits
  • Colony of Rabbits
  • Down of Rabbits
  • Drove of Rabbits
  • Flick of Rabbits
  • Husk of Rabbits
  • Leash of Rabbits
  • Nest of Rabbits

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