For a cheese lover, this Cheese Tower made of slate and oak is an elegant and fun alternative to a cheese plate or tray.

Just place the cheese—sliced, cubed, whatever—on the layers and place it on the buffet or pass it around the table.

The presentation will delight your guests. The Party Tower gives you three layers of beautiful slate that looks great on the dining table.

They’ll look even more tasty on the tiered tower than on your favorite serving plate, whether it’s just two of you for dinner or a whole dinner party.

The oak wood handle has a compartment to hold your party picks or toothpicks.

You can write the name of each cheese or other bite on the slate with chalk.

It’s not just a Cheese Tower. It’s a Party Tower that you can also use for:

  • Antipasto: artichoke hearts, cheeses, cold cuts, olives, peperoncini and more
  • Bruschetta/crostini (the difference)
  • Canapés
  • Deviled eggs
  • Mini desserts
  • Post-dinner mignardises: chocolates, mini-cookies, petit fours, tartlets
  • Tapas
  • And more
    Having fun yet?


    Party on with this Party Tower (photo © Boska).

    [2] Use the tower for hors d’oeuvre, mini desserts, whatever (photo © Wisconsin Dairy).



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