Our favorite drink holder for beer and soda is the new Zak Hydration 12 Ounce Double Wall Stainless Steel Can and Bottle Cooler with Vacuum.

That’s a long way to say that this handy cooler holds a standard can of beer of soft drink, a slim can, or a bottle of beer.

The vacuum insulated device has a stainless steel outer wall and a stainless inner wall, topped by a silicone collar.

And if you’re pouring iced tea or iced water, just remove the collar and use it as a thermos tumbler to keep your beverage cold.

The materials are break-resistant, durable, BPA-free and condensation free.

And they work! Our can of soda, taken from the fridge, would normally be warm in 90 minutes.

Four hours later, when we finally finished the can, the soda was as cold as when it left the fridge.

Get them for patio and pool, computer table or TV table. Your beverage will stay at the temperature you placed in there.


Available in four colors (raspberry color not shown), this insulated holder keeps cans and bottles as cold as when they came from the fridge (photo © Zak Designs).

Thanks to Zak Designs, creator of insulated holders for food and drink, for creating this new item that’s become essential for drinking our cold beverages.


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