Generally, clean eating helps develop a habit of eating healthy foods to achieve a healthy life. There are a lot of delicious foods that are mistaken as healthy foods, and junk foods and fast foods are major temptations to many. Although they are readily available to ease hunger, they are not, in any way, beneficial […]

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We recently published an article on pairing cheese and chocolate, but it was limited to certain types of cheese. To put together a Valentine cheese plate, pick your favorite cheeses and build the accompaniments around them from the lists below. Use red and/or pink accents. 1. CHEESES We love the goat cheese family and soft-ripened […]

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The same healthy diet that’s good for your heart and arteries can help preserve your eyes and vision.That’s not surprising. “Vision depends on tiny capillaries that supply the retina and other parts of the eye with nutrients and oxygen,” says Monique Roy, MD, a professor at the New Jersey Medical School’s Institute of Ophthalmology and […]

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For those who don’t know falafel: It’s a vegan, protein-rich, fiber-rich, gluten*- and other allergen-free ball—sometimes a patty—of goodness, fried† to cruncy crispiness (photo #1), that has captivated food lovers the world over. It’s so meaty and chewy that newbies often don’t realize it’s meatless. The ingredients include mashed chickpeas, fava beans or a combination. […]

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[1] What’s not to love: a heart shape pizza from Boston’s Pizza. [2] Papa John’s testament to loving pizza. [3] It’s easy to cut pepperoni slices into hearts. Here’s how from Ciao Florentina.   February 9th is National Pizza Day, and it’s five days before Valentine’s Day. How about combining the two? While some local […]

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It is a fact that stress has become common in our society today. From our eating habits to the amount of work that we do at the office or at home, all these factors have led to an increase in the stress level in our body. However, many people are experiencing high stress levels today […]

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Being a parent is never an easy thing, whether it is your first time or whether you’ve had children before. Every single child will have a different personality and a separate set of circumstances which will make raising them completely unique. One of the most crucial ages, however, will be that of when they are […]

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