If you are looking for weight loss, what you really want is a healthy fat loss diet. You don’t want starvation, you don’t want liquid diets, and if you are out of shape and overweight you don’t need someone telling you that you need to hit the road with your running shoes, because you could […]

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[1] Large or small, a coffee grinder needs regular cleaning (photo courtesy Mr. Coffee). [2] Clean the grinder regularly with bread or rice (photo courtesy Coffee & Tea Newsletter). [3] Brush out fine grounds with a soft brush (photo courtesy Alibaba). You can also repurpose a clean makeup brush.   If you care enough about […]

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In order to be a success on the Atkin’s Diet plan, an Atkins carbohydrate chart will assist you to determine how many carbohydrates your food is worth. Because the Atkin’s diet plan is founded on limiting the amount of carbohydrates that you consume, owning a chart will help in keeping with your carbohydrate goals. The […]

Balanced Diet Chart

The raw vegan diet is rapidly gaining popularity. Some people choose this way of eating for its health benefits. Others choose it due to concerns over the environment and animal welfare. Whatever their reasons for changing their eating habits, people tend to find themselves becoming noticeably slimmer after only a few weeks of consuming raw […]

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Baking Christmas cookies is a tradition in many homes. While recipes abound, here’s a spin: cup cookies. They’re notched to fit on a cup rim, an engaging way to serve a cookie with coffee, tea, hot chocolate or milk. You can make your favorite recipe or use refrigerated cookie dough. Treat the family, bring a […]

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[1] There’s an herbal tea flavor for every palate (all photos courtesy Twinings). [2] Stephen Twining, a 10th generation Twining, in front of the original London store, established in 1706. [3] Twinings Buttermint Herbal Tea adds vanilla flavor to peppermint tea.   Twinings recently released three new herbal teas: Berry Fusion, Buttermint and Lemon Delight. […]

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