Do you garnish your cocktails with the same wedge of lime or orange wheel, curl, peel or twist? The same olives and cocktail onions? The same notched strawberry on the rim? The standard celery stick in a Bloody Mary? Expand your garnish horizons. Presentation is everything; and while no one would turn away an ungarnished […]

Diet Tips

There are actually many different free weight loss meal plans available. The plans can help us lose some weight. But which one is the most effective weight loss meal plans? The key to developing an effective weight loss meal plans is to set a reasonable goal. This will help you to create meal plans that […]

Diets To Lose Weight

If you’re anything like me, you’ve already ordered your turkey and you’re starting to pack the cupboards full of your usual Christmas goodies. But STOP!  Wait a moment. Remember, this is the time of year when you always pile on the pounds.  The time of year when you end up eating far more than you […]

Balanced Diet Plan

A nutritionally balanced lunchbox is important in providing your child with the foods he or she needs for healthy development. Putting this into practice can sometimes be tricky, but a simple rule of thumb is that a healthy lunchbox should include one or more items from each of the following food groups: Fruit and Vegetables […]

Balanced Diet Chart

One of the most overlooked keys to a successful life is balance. It is a goal that is not as exciting as some other things. Nevertheless, it is the basic component to living a happy, fulfilled life. We all tend to get out of balance occasionally. Where this becomes a problem is when certain areas […]

Balanced Diet Chart