Recently we previewed some new housewares, just arrived on the market. Here are three that have found a permanent place in our home.     1. RITZ HOOK AND HANG TOWELS It’s a simple invention but a very useful one: a kitchen towel with a hook attached, the whole thing going straight into the washing […]

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[1] Don’t let this happen. See tip #1 (photo courtesy Stone Frying Pans). [2] Tip #7: Keep one of these aerosol sprays next to your stove at all times (photo courtesy First Alert). [3] Tip #8: Be sure you have a kitchen fire alarm…and that its batteries are fresh (photo courtesy Thrifty Fun).   Fire […]

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The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: The Healthy Living Mediterranean Diet Guide for Smart People – With Kitchen Tested Recipes & Diet Success Tips Healthy Mediterranean Meals Right Now Make Healthy Dishes that will Wow Your Taste Buds! ________________________________________Are you ready for the cookbook that will put other diet meals to shame? Regarded as one of […]

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