[1] Nugget, the honey bear gets a new job: as a drink holder, served in a rocks glass with a garnish of leaves (substitute something edible, like pineapple or cucumber spears). Concept from Sunday In Brooklyn, photo by Eric Medsker.   The honey bear bottle: so adorable that many people choose their honey just because […]

Diets To Lose Weight

[1] Citrus peels can garnish both sweet and savory citrus drinks (both photos courtesy The Skylark | NYC). [2] Tricolor olive Martini garnish.   We were peeling blood oranges yesterday when we remembered this cocktail garnish (photo #1) from The Skylark, a cocktail lounge in Midtown Manhattan with panoramic views of the city. Save the […]

Diet Tips

1. Stick To Your List! When did the shopping, do not ever buy on impulse. Never buy products for the receipt of cash. They are put there to try to tell really. 2. Always buy the milk (and juice) in containers (gallon or liter and a half). It will always be less than the fourth […]

Balanced Diet Chart