Sorbets and fruit salads are the best choice for dessert.

There is nothing nicer than having a piece of Tiramisu or cheesecake but not only are they high in fat and other nasties such as processed and refined sugar but they have a very high caloric content too. You are much better off ordering something equally as tasty and much healthier for you by choosing a flavoured sorbet which is made from water and is virtually fat free or a fruit salad which again is low in fat, tastes great, and is full of naturally occurring sugar, is low GI which means it fills you up and full of those wonderful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals our bodies really need.

Choose tomato-based sauces over cream based sauces.

Always choice a tomato based sauce over the cream based option. They are equally yummy and tomatoes themselves are good for weight loss, rich in fiber and antioxidants and maintaining heart health, and may assist with lowering blood pressure and even prostrate cancer. Most tomato based sauces are water based and are relatively low in calories, are full of vitamins and minerals and are relatively low in fat. If you are at an Italian restaurant your best choices would be pasta Napolitana, Puttanesca, or Arrabiata.

Keep Drinking Water.

We all know how water is the elixir of life. It purifies our systems from daily toxins and keeps our hair, skin and muscles, digestive and bowel systems, in fact our whole bodies alive and working in tip top gear. It cleanses the kidneys and the liver which our filters that help keep our systems clean. In order to keep your systems running at the optimal level always top up with your water. If you are exercising, a sip from your water bottle every 15 minutes is ideal, this will help keep you hydrated. Remember to drink your 6-8 glasses a day (that’s only 250ml or a normal cup) and more in hot weather or when you are training outdoors. If you don’t like the taste of plain water try adding a little lemon juice or a tiny amount of low joule flavoured cordial. Room temperature water is much more easily absorbed by our bodies rather than cold water too! And to have that feeling of fullness, you can avoid overeating too by simply having a glass of water 30 minutes before each meal. Pretty simple huh?

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