Walking is the first and foremost easier option for people that are classified as obese.  Losing weight is already difficult for most people. To make things worse, people that weigh so much that they cannot use indoor exercise machines without breaking them, rarely find any outdoor exercise or sports activity that they can pick up on.  Since it is so difficult to start exercising you way to a healthier you, I always suggest a combination of walking and weight training for exercise as optional, and working out a easy to follow weight loss food program as not negotiable.

Their are wonderful nutritional diets and there are those less balanced and then there are those I would never recommend.  Under all circumstances however you always have to consult your doctor as you have to be healthy before you start any diet and your doctor would know best as to whether your body would be able to cope with the specific foods and exercises that are listed within the specific slimming plan.

I like to recommend a pyramid of 3 basic rules for anyone that want to lose a few pounds or kilo’s. But for the sake of keeping this short I will focus on the weight loss food program I want you to create for yourself.

First of all there are the foods you already eat which is most probably making you fat.  There are two ways to go about rectifying the problem here.

Change the type of food you and your family eat
Eat less than what you normally eat.

I always never recommend too much of a change to the foods you and your family are used to.  A diet is something only the cook has to know about.  A change in the normal eating habits of the household, could be disruptive as you may be met with negative responses that can make dieting harder to start than it already is.

On eating less I usually advise people not to eat smaller portions but to rather cut back on their fat intake by cutting off clear fatty strips from meats.  These adjustments should not be made as such that it will cause a stir – especially if everybody is used to the pork chop for lunch.  As you can shed pounds of fat without drastically changing your eating habits, take the above into consideration when you start out.

My advice for you is to write down what you normally would eat and declare that as your weight loss food program. For the very first month I also suggest to not change anything that would make your situation uncomfortable. It is better to get your plan in action and follow it as a dieting action plan, even if you have the same calorie intake as before and even if you don’t do a bit of exercise, stick to your plan.

A balanced nutritional diet consisting of the 15 fat burning foods is extremely important. Although eating food that burn fat and doing special weight loss muscle gain weight training exercises that burn fat, is the fastest way to burn fat and lose weight, your decision to stick to healthy eating habits is much more important.

If you join a fitness and health club and you do the best exercise for building muscle, it would still be better to ask yourself the question “how much should I weigh”, and to then write down your own weight loss food program – even if your program at first only reflects your family’s current fattening food plan.

I always advise candidates to take their diet plan with them when they seek the advice of their doctor. He/she can then use it to refer you to a local qualified nutritionist as well as warn you of any possible dangers should you wish to change your eating habits after reading interesting health articles online. Go for regular checkups at your local medical facility in order to monitor your progress and your health. Always check the correctness of online content with your doctor or a qualified medical practitioner.

The secret of your weight loss success is hidden in your ability to stick to your decision to follow your own weigh loss program, changing it only to make it more balanced, easier to follow or maybe even cheaper on your grocery budget. Always consult your physician whilst maintaining a healthy living style. Be balanced and stay focused so that one day you may testify how much weight you have lost through your perseverance.

Article Source: http://ezineseeker.com/?expert=G_Hough

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