A healthy diet for teenagers is important for their whole life!

Considering the huge obesity problem in our current society, a healthy diet for teenagers is an important topic. It is a crucial point for children and teenagers to learn themselves how to eat healthily as the older they get the more they depend on their own decisions. And that also affects what to eat, even if it only starts with what snack they will have in school.

Parents should lead by example

Obviously, it is the parent who should lead by example and teach their children how to eat properly. Unfortunately, we live in a busy world and a properly cooked or self prepared meal is not the norm any more. Many families also use convenient food as a quick solution to provide a meal, especially when both parents are working.

Find a compromise between convenient food and healthy options!

This is very understandable, but one has to be careful as a parent not to overdo it. One can combine pre-packaged meals with some healthy options to find a compromise. However, teaching your child or teenager to reach for healthy alternatives as a snack, like an apple or a yogurt, will make it habit for them which provides important value for their whole life. Sweets or potato chips should be the exception, also when their friends are around.

Teach portion control!

Portion control is another important factor. Nobody wants to be size XXL, but supersized meals and second or even third servings are still very common. If a child or teenager learns the right eating habits, they will have all the advantage when coming into an age where their body figure is getting important.

Establishing healthy eating habits brings long term success!

When teenagers need to lose weight, setting up these healthy eating habits is the most important part. They are still growing and developing and need all the nutrition they can get and not empty calories. Crash diets are not for teenagers!

They should rather cut calories by exchanging bad food choices (sweets, potato chips etc.) into healthy ones (yogurt, fruit, nuts etc.). and eating gradually smaller portion. And most importantly they should been given all the necessary support and encouragement to change their eating habits for the better!

Avoid these stumbling blocks!
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