So many people are struggling today to lose the weight that they need to get off for health, career, or appearance reasons. The problem is all the new diets out these days are based on fads or current trends in losing weight. The truth is there is no secret pill or supplement or exercise of weight loss. The only way to have lasting weight loss results is to get educated on the basics of how to lose weight and keep it off. Weight loss is not a one time thing that you do once then you’re good forever. It is and ongoing process which needs to become a part of your daily life.

You can’t just rush into weight loss and expect to lose a vast amount of weight. What I mean by this is, someone who has not exercised in years can’t just go run 5 miles, or work out for 2 hours straight. It starts with small changes made to your everyday life that you need to stick to and not get distracted. Don’t fall prey to temptation and go back to your old eating and exercise habits.

Why am I overweight? Where do I start? Food is your body’s way of getting energy to perform your daily activities. The problem is when people eat more than they need to and get more energy than their body needs for the day. When there’s more energy than needed, your body stores it and that’s why you gain weight. So this means there are 2 things you can do to lose that weight. First, not eating as many calories, and therefore not storing extra energy. Second, increase your physical activity causing you to use the energy you are taking in and the energy that is already stored in your body.

Introducing small changes to your diet can help tremendously. Instead of whole milk, you can switch to skim milk or even 2% milk. Small changes like this to your diet will add up and the results will be shown. Like I said earlier, weight loss should be a permanent mindset for you. This means you need to change your diet to things that you will be able to eat every day permanently. This not only goes for eating, but your exercise habits also. Start with a half hour walk every day. You eventually work your way up to a jog and some day soon you will be running a mile like its nothing.

Jogging or running are not the only ways you can get the exercise you need each day. You can get involved in racket sports like tennis, aerobics, swimming, bicycling, and so much more. It just depends on what you’re interested in. I think it’s important that you get involved in something you enjoy. It’s also a good idea not to go crazy with the purchase of equipment. Find something that works for your budget that you can build a routine around.

If you’re going somewhere close by, walk instead of driving. If it’s a little further, biking might be a better option. Things like using the steps instead of the elevator are also a great help. Even doing exercise during television commercials or if you want use a treadmill or something similar the whole time you watch TV.

The bottom line is losing weight with diets needs to be consistent. Keep with it. Don’t give up!

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