If you have teenagers who are out of control, I know how it is and feel for you. For a while I had 2 unhappy teenagers who were constantly causing mayhem in the house. I put my foot down one day and decided “I have to do something about this before it gets worse” and learnt some timeless principles to help us get along really well and they thank me even now. Here are some of my tips for teenagers out of control.

Rewards and Punishments – You have to reward good behaviour. Most parents get half of this equation right. They punish their kids when they are naughty sometimes and sometimes they let them off. The key here is consistency. You cannot forget to reward them as well. Imagine if that was you, how unappreciated would you feel if you went out of your way for a family member and they ignored it. Not imagine if you was a teenager too. Not good. Another thing is to ask them what they would like to work towards. A goal set by them is much more motivating to them than one set by you.

Step Into Their Shoes – Can you remember what it was like being a teenager. Your life is hectic, your body is going through enormous change and your hormones are all over the place. It is the toughest stage of your life in my honest opinion. By getting into their shoes mentally you can see where they are coming from and what they really mean when they are out of control.

If they throw a tantrum it is because they are not feeling appreciated etc. They want love and respect and a feeling of independence. Give that to them in a way that you are comfortable with and you have them in the palm of your hand and you will get on beautifully in harmony.

“I bet you’re searching the internet looking for the best methods to handle your out of control teen for free and I totally understand that. I was in your position and all the information seemed too much and information conflicted and it was pretty annoying at the time.

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