The artificial ways include the consumption of certain fast weight loss pills. Though these pills show good results in some people, they are known to have a lot of side effects as per the studies of many doctors. The best way to lose weight is to follow a natural and healthy weight loss program. Home remedies for weight loss are more effective than commercial products that claim rapid weight loss, since losing weight the right way will allow you to actually keep it off.

1. Your biggest meal of the day should be your breakfast. This is because the time period between 9am and 6pm comprises of the core working hours of most people. It is the time when your body will be extremely active and will need a lot of energy. Activity translates into calorie burning. Having a full breakfast will provide you with the energy that you need to sustain yourself throughout the day. Also, it can prevent overeating or binging during lunch hours.

2. Track weight, diet, and exercise. Keeping a diet journal or log with space for a daily record of calories and food consumed, along with what type of exercise and the duration, greatly contributes to weight loss. This serves as a reminder of daily activities and takes an unbiased look at what has really been eaten. The diet journal can also keep a record of weekly weigh-ins, which helps keep track of the progression to the ten pound goal. Also taking arms, legs, waist, and hip measurements with a measuring tape can help track how the body is physically changing.

3. A high fiber diet plan can work well for you in your quest to lose weight, because fibers will virtually add no calories to your body. Brans, oatmeal, rice, lima beans, soyabeans are some fiber containing foods which you can consume for weight loss. Consume more proteins in your diet which is present in food items such as milk, fish and eggs. Eating fresh fruits, drinking plenty of water and limiting the daily calorie intake between the range of 1200-1500 calories are some of the best known quick weight loss tricks.

4. Make sure you are getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Resting helps your body function properly and will allow you to have the maximum amount of energy during the day.

5. Exercise more. Exercise 30 to 60 minutes per day for 5 days per week. The shorter amount of time spent, the more vigorous the exercise needs to be. There are many activities that count as a workout— examples include using a treadmill or elliptical machine, fitness classes (such as kickboxing and spinning), an intense yoga session, or weight lifting. Vary workouts to keep them interesting.

6. You should follow some general rules like eating only when you are hungry, avoiding fast food over-intake and over consumption of sugar which contributes to the increase in your weight. Giving up the habit of alcohol is also one of the fast weight loss tricks. Here is a sample fast weight loss diet plan for you. If you are on a fast weight loss diet plan, you should have fruit juices like grape juice for the morning breakfast along with eggs and bacon. Meat, fish along with salads and again a glass of juice, are good suggestions for foods to have for lunch. Green leafy vegetables, fish, salads along with tomatoes and milk for dinner will keep you healthy.

Author is an online researcher on natural weight loss. Nutritionist. Click read more on weight loss tips, how to lose belly fat.

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