Does dieting have to be limited to starvation, pills, and powdered shakes?

We often become hesitant to go on a “diet” because we assume that we’ll be hungry or cringe during every meal. The real problem is that we perceive weight loss the wrong way. Weight loss shouldn’t be about simply losing weight. It should be about changing our eating habits-forever.

Sticking to a raw diet is easier than standard diets. That’s because you can buy everything you need from your local supermarket, farmer’s market, and so on. And, you’d probably be surprised at how many raw food diet recipes are available. This makes it easy to prepare healthy and flavorful meals for your family or when you have guests.

Dishes made from raw foods are busting with color, aromas, and most importantly, flavor! From juices to guacamole and from stuffed peppers to cranberry sauce, the sky is the limit when preparing raw food recipes. You can even create tasty desserts, such as durian popsicles and rice pudding!

Where can you find raw food recipes? Several cookbooks are available in bookstores. Of course, you can also search where you can find virtually any information in the universe: the Internet. Remember, though, that some of the best raw food recipes can come from friends and relatives who share the same love for natural fare.

Finally, while a diet of raw foods is undoubtedly healthier than eating cooked food, the absence of meat in your diet could create certain nutrient deficiencies. Thus, it’s wise to take supplements for Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. You should also consider supplements for copper, iron, and zinc. Without these vitamins, you could experience problems related to energy loss, overworked organs, and even hair loss!

The bottom line is that raw foods can be colorful, aromatic, and scrumptious. Soon you’ll have your own favorite recipes to share!

Barb Baylor is an expert on raw food diet recipes and the director of the popular blog RawFoodsDietInfo.Com. She provides honest information and advice on the benefits of raw food diets and more. Get free tips from the website today!

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