If you are looking for information on out of control teenagers then you have come to the right place. I had 2 teenagers (one of either sex) and they both were really angry as teens. I applied some proven timeless methods though and now they re wonderful adults that have been disciplined and than me till this day. Here are some of my top tips for out of control teenagers.

Step Into Their Shoes – I know this is over said but that is because it is so true. You have to imagine yourself looking out of their eyes. Remember when you were their age, what did you want? It is likely to be the same core thing that they want. Attention, appreciation etc. By stepping into their shoes you can give them what they want whilst also getting what you want.

An example would be you want them to start doing the dishes every day. They wont do that if you just ask because they are out of control. So what you do instead is you relate it to benefiting them somehow. Lets say they are into a certain rock bank (huge stereotype I know). You say “You know cleaning the dishes could help you establish some routine in your life. All successful people perform daily routines that make them successful. I bet that rock band you are always talking about play daily don’t they”. Relate everything to their benefits.

Consistent Discipline – When you say you will punish or reward them for a certain behaviour you have to be consistent with that. If you keep on saying “I will do this if you don’t do that” and do not follow through they will know your principles are weak and so will just ignore you.

Teenagers are going through a tough time in their lives with lots of change. If anything just show them appreciation and never criticize them.

I bet you’re searching the internet looking for the best methods tohandle your out of control teen for free and I totally understand that. I was in your position and all the information seemed too much and information conflicted and it was pretty annoying at the time.

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