2009 is going to be a favorable year for all those struggling with weight loss. Why? Well, it is no secret that since the beginning of this year the economy has been hard-hit by recession. With pockets going almost half empty, people would think twice before indulging in excesses of any kind, their junk food addiction notwithstanding. As a matter of fact, junk foods usually cost much more than natural foods. This is why people are likely to spend less money on junk foods and more on natural fruits and vegetables. Consequently, they are bound to lose weight!

With the recession setting in, you should be doing due diligence before investing in a diet program. There are useless fad diet programs which you should avoid at all costs. Usually, diets which focus only on one type of food or other should be avoided.

So what types of diet programs should you choose:

1. Diets that don’t limit you to just one food group: A healthy meal is one which contains fat, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, etc., in equal proportions. If any of these components is missing from your current meal, it cannot be called a healthy meal. Likewise, diets which severely restrict your carbohydrate or fat intake are not the right diet plans for you. Of course, it goes without saying that almost all diet programs out there would limit your junk food intake in some form or other.

2. Diets which not only detoxify your body but also offer suggestions on how to keep it clean and free from toxins in future: When you eat junk foods for a long time, toxins get deposited in your intestines, which in turn pollute your entire body. These toxins prevent you from losing weight speedily. Once your body gets rid of these toxins, you would feel much lighter and healthier. In addition, detoxifying your body would also help you lose a few pounds. Make sure that your diet program offers suggestions on detoxification of your body!

3. Diets that recommend workouts and exercises: Make sure that your diet program recommends exercises which help you to:

a) Burn fat
b) Build muscles

Diets with no clear recommendations with regards to workouts, or diets which explicitly state that workouts are unnecessary should be avoided. Frankly speaking, any diet program which proclaims that you don’t need to workout at all is just fooling you!

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