There are plenty of diets to lose weight, but how many really offer the option to lose weight for free? This article will give you options to lose weight for free.

Calorie counting – There are many websites that offer the amount of calories in food per serving and other measurements (such as grams and ounces). While some websites charge a fee for their service, there are hundreds of websites that offer their sites for free. A couple of those websites are Sparkpeople and Calorie-count, among others.

Packaged food is required to list the ingredients and calories per serving (and 100 grams) on the package. This is an easy and simple way to keep track of calories consumed during the day. Figuring the calories needed to maintain and lose weight is another task. In order to figure those calories, first you must configure the amount of exercise you plan to do during the week.

Every successful diet has a healthy dose of exercise included. Healthy exercises includes at least 100 minutes of exercise a week. How you split that up is up to you, the dieter. You can do 5 days a week at 20 minutes or 2 days at 40 plus one at 20. Studies have shown 2 x 10 minute bursts of exercise are equivalent to one 20 minute session. There are hundreds of ways to split up the time period for exercising. The best part about exercise is the more you do, the more you can eat ( a benefit for those of us that are feeling deprived).

Just as there are minimum exercise requirements, there are also maximums. Working out too much can cause a strain on the body as well as the mind. Stay within guidelines of minimum of 20 minutes to maximum of 90 minutes per day, 6 days a week, in order to avoid muscle injury or burn out.

Once you have a comfortable idea of how much exercise you will be able to do per week, you can visit numerous websites to deduce your food calorie range. There are many ways to avoid plateaus including varying your calories between the highest and lowest levels, and making sure your exercise routine keeps your heart rate up 5between 50%-85% of the maximum. There are formulas available online to find your maximum heart rate. Varying exercise types helps as well. For instance if you ‘re swimming daily, try to change to running or biking daily instead.

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