The health worthiness of any particular menu is such a broad subject that it is impossible to answer it in any one article.

To create a healthy, balanced diet menu, it may be good to focus on individual food items first and determine whether they are a good candidate to be included.

This time we will focus our attention on eggs.

Eggs Nutritional Value

People love them and people hate them. They have been praised and maligned and praised again. Some experts say that eggs must be a part of any healthy diet. Others would ban them altogether.

You will probably agree that this is quite confusing. Who is right? Is it the chicken farmer and the egg industry or the doctors who believe that no cholesterol in food is the best choice?

We are not making any rash judgments. The jury is still at least partially out. Some studies of free range chicken eggs seem to point out that along with the cholesterol inside the eggs there are compounds to neutralize it.

The issue of how chicken are raised, fed and their living environment is a matter that needs to be dealt with elsewhere.

The point on which all experts agree is that eggs contain a variety of indispensable nutrients. So the only issue with eggs seems to be that they contain some cholesterol.

But cholesterol is absolutely necessary for the body. That there are at least two kinds of cholesterol one good and one bad is becoming quite well known now. A new school of thought on cholesterol says that if the body has no intake of cholesterol it will manufacture it.

It seems that no definitive conclusion about eggs being healthy or not has been reached by science because of the controversial cholesterol issue. Otherwise, from a nutritional point of view eggs are a super food fit for any balanced diet menu.

Unless you are a vegetarian or have other moral objections to eating eggs you may want to consider including them sparingly in your diet plan.

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