Nowadays, Home made food is almost NIL, in the daily routine of an average person. They depend upon the junk food and other eateries from outside and find them too delicious. The school kids and teenagers are the ideal aged crowd who get inclined to such foods. The most common saying for avoiding the home-made food is-we get bored with the same kind of food! And why won’t they be? Because the food they get is made by their mothers. Children can not be alone held responsible for this transition of mind set. Even they must be busy with their daily office chores and projects and stuff. Rarely does it happen that mothers are at home whole day, as a result of modernization this all have to go hand in hand.

The daily consumption of such outside foods do cause harm to your body and health. Not all of a sudden, but later when the consumption prevails. Every person need to intake the required amount of nutrients daily in the balanced diet. If it does not happen, and it is happening in most cases due to replacement of healthy food with the junks, then malnutrition occurs in the body and causes deficiency diseases or rather the eating disorders. These disorders have categorization were they are of vivid kinds depending upon the type of deficiency in the patient’s body. For e.g. protein deficiency can cause disorders like marasmus and kwashiorkor, lack of minerals can cause anemia, lack of particularly iodine can cause goiter and many more.

The list prolongs, as every substance for enhancement of our inner strength gets short then it causes a distinct disorder. The age for these disorders, as on registered till date, is common in children till the age of 15 and also in old aged. The eating disorder counseling is allowed in all the cities of the world. Even officially governments do supply these advices through free or charged counseling. The doctors handling the nutrition of the patients also provide counseling for the betterment of health of their patients.

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