Are you familiar with the 1200 calorie diet yet? Not that it would take a whole lot of detective work to surmise how this particular diet works. As long as you consume no more than 1200 calories a day then you are on the 1200 calorie diet…That is pretty straight forward, right.

This diet is fairly popular and has been around for quite a while because of one main reason, it works. That is as long as you can stay on this horse (and it takes a bit longer than 8 seconds to win).

This diet works for one simple reason alone…it produces a calorie deficit and a calorie deficit is critical for weight loss, period. You have to burn more than you consume, we all know this and it is absolutely true.

The part that can be difficult with this diet is that you can feel quite restricted and deprived pretty quickly while trying to “eat right”. A lot of people can go over the 1200 calorie threshold at one meal let alone three meals.

It is at this point that I would like to introduce an alternative to you that many people, including myself, have seen some pretty decent results with this method. All without having to live on “rabbit food”.

The alternative I am talking about is a method called short term intermittent fasting…I know, I know, I laughed too when I first heard of it. Let’s take a minute to reason together here.

First, why is it that when we diet we always look at a calorie deficit as a daily thing? Couldn’t we relax a little and take a look at producing a calorie deficit on a weekly basis?

Instead of trying to eat right 7 days a week, what if we could cut our caloric intake on just two days during the week? Wouldn’t it be a little easier and more flexible if we could just “take care of business” twice a week and then eat normally the other five days a week?

If we stopped eating after supper at 5pm and then starting eating at 5pm the next day we would have cut the calories of two meals out of our weekly calorie intake. If we could do this twice a week say on Mondays and Thursdays we would be cutting our weekly calorie intake by 4 meals.

Assuming that these meals were around 650 calories each we would be cutting about 2600 calories from our weekly intake. If we consumed 2000 calories a day for seven days, that totals up to 14,000 calories a week. By utilizing short term intermittent fasting twice a week we have now lowered our weekly intake to 11,600 calories…that means weight loss.

There are many healthy benefits besides permanent weight loss that come with intermittent fasting, such as the elevation of “fat burning” hormones and the reduction of “fat storing” hormones, that have not even been discussed in this article.

If this method sounds more promising than eating rabbit food and being hungry and mad all the time then I encourage you to research a this technique a little more as it may be one you could stick to in the long term and help you reach your weight loss goals with much less pain and misery.

Cutting calories is a must for losing weight but a 1200 Calorie Diet can be a tough ride getting there. Long term is the key with any calorie reduction program you decide to undertake. Before you take on the next miracle diet, go and take a look at a program that is “no-brainer” simple and extremely flexible at

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