So get up every morning and decide how your weight loss day is going to go.

Write down your goals for the day. Not just to lose a pound, you already know how to do that — but the real important stuff, like being MINDFUL of what you eat. And portion control. Don’t eat a thing until you DECIDE how your diet day is GOING to go.

1) Cut out as much bread and pasta as you can stand (this is huge — push yourself here!).

2) Eat small meals 5 or 6 times a day instead of 3 basic meals.

3) Water, water, water (half your weight in ounces per day).

4) Keep fruit to a minimum for a couple weeks (and choose berries).

5) Nuts are the perfect snack (raw, unsalted almonds are the best).

6) Eat living food — salads and vegetables (fresh and raw).

7) Skip all alcohol for a bit (it dehydrates you and the sugars are a problem).

8) Find a workout that will be pleasant for you and easy at first (especially if you are not a consistent exerciser).

9) Increase your caffeine (it’ll give you a sense of energy, but remember, this is a short-term tool).

10) Go sit on a stationary bike at the gym and watch a movie or tv show on your iPhone (you’ll be exercising longer and not be bored).

11) Increase your protein (it feeds your muscles and everything else).

12) Go see a nutritionalist (you may know what NOT to eat; WHAT TO EAT is just as important).

13) Don’t eat anything white (bread, pasta, sugar, potatoes, rice).

14) Use a shake of some kind as one of your 6 meals (let the nutritionalist choose this).

15) Find new ways to get active and spend your free time moving your body.

Now that you have the information and ingredients to be successful, remember that Every Ounce Counts and weight loss and maintenance is a life-long process, like brushing your teeth.

We don’t tell ourselves “I’m going to crash and brush my teeth like mad for a few weeks and then I won’t have to worry about it any more.”

And please, talk nice to yourself, be happy about this process, and treat it like an adventure in discovering a slimmer, healthier you. She’s in there- now let’s get her out.

Club Weight Loss is here to help you create a very individual path to a healthy weight and healthy attitude about food and your body. Our perspective is unique in that our founder (Fable) not only has lived with weight issues, but has spent over 30 years in the dressing rooms with women unhappy with their bodies, their weight, and the image they present in the world.

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