Burning fat for some people is like David vs Goliath. It’s a battle against good and evil. The fat on some days comes off without a problem, on others, its stubborn like a child. It doesn’t always have to be like this though. With the age of scientific nutrition, we can analyze which foods are the best help us burn body fat. Here are some that do this very thing.

Milk is one of these fat burning foods. In studies, subjects who consumed milk lost more fat than those who did not. Scientists believe this because insulin levels do not rise significantly when someone drinks milk. The carb content is low on the glycemic index. Also milk is high in calcium and protein with 8 grams per glass.
Whole grain cereal is another fat burning food because of its complex carbohydrates. It goes back to insulin again. When someone consumes whole grains such as oatmeal, there is a small release of insulin and a steady blood sugar levels.

Jalapenos have been known for a long time to be a potent fat burning food. This is because of a chemical called capsaicin which gives peppers their potent flavor but also has been shown to speed up someone’s metabolism. A high metabolism equals more calories burned and body fat lost.

Another potent pepper that has the same effects and jalapenos are its cousin Habaneros.

Habaneros are known as the hottest pepper on earth. I would even guess this means there are more potent when it comes to burning more calories. In studies, scientists have found that when combined with coffee, red pepper snacks have been found to burn up to 1,000 more calories per day than subjects who did not do this.

This is just a small portion of some of the fat burning foods that I talk about in my fat loss manual that you can get for free.

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