I am like many of you who have been struggling to lose weight all my life and I know how difficult it is and it gets more difficult to maintain your desired body weight as well. Mass media has been an effective tool in influencing the way we think about ourselves. The society demands us to be this and that and we see billboards and pictures of celebrities and models everywhere who look really amazing with their figure. But we are not all models and celebrities and we are only ordinary people so why should we keep up with this trend? Yoyo dieting is very common nowadays but there are of course risks and consequences if you opt to lose weight this way.

Celebrities are one of the many who are following the yoyo dieting trend. Indeed, they could lose weight dramatically but there is a rebound effect after several weeks or months so the result is really temporary. Doctors would all agree that yoyo dieting is not healthy. And it is really very obvious and embarrassing at the same time to lose a lot of weight only to gain it back after a few months. This lifestyle is not suitable for anyone especially if you are suffering from any medical conditions. For any weight loss program, it is suggested that you consult your physician for advice on what is appropriate for you.

So what can you do to avoid yoyo dieting? First is you have to have the necessary mind set. Your goal should be long term so that the effects will also be long term. I understand that everybody wants to see results instantly but losing weight effectively does not work overnight. You have to think that your goal is not only for beauty sake but also for health purposes. Also, do not try to restrict your food choices because that will only lead to more cravings in the end. Instead, think of ways that suit your lifestyle and remember to choose healthy over instant.

Many people opt for yoyo dieting when they are really desperate to shed a lot of weight immediately. Even the younger ones deal with weight issues and they should be guided well if they want to make this happen. Instruct them of the risks and disadvantages of yoyo dieting and offer them other healthy alternatives on how to lose weight. In every endeavor, you really have to be patient and you also need to persevere in order to be successful.

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