You want to lose weight, but for whatever reason, you want to or only can perform low impact exercises. No problem. The following are three exercises that are easy on the joints, as well as easy to perform and great for all ages.

Walking is an easy low impact exercise to perform and it doesn’t require much to get going. At most, what you are going to need are a pair of comfortable walking shoes, some decent weather, a little time and a bottle of water. And if the weather is not that pleasant, you can always go with your gym’s treadmill. The only advantage that I would give it over walking outside is that you can vary the steepness of your climb. This offers an easy way to increase your intensity and burn more fat.

Swimming is by far the lowest impact exercise and plus you get to play in the water. Its major advantages are that it can strengthen, condition, and tone your body without those harsh, jarring effects of other exercise programs. And because it is so low impact, this exercise can be performed by just about anyone, despite your physical limitations. Did I mention you get to play in the water?

Yoga consist of certain physical poses, as well as breathing and meditating. Because it uses flexing and particular rotation movements of your body, you not only get a good workout, but also become more flexible. But do not let their smooth movements fool you. A yoga session can be very demanding, which allows you to work up a sweat and get your heart pumping.

For all the exercises above, it’s best to devote at least 30 minutes performing each of them. Even though it is highly recommended that you get some exercise each day of the week, at a minimum you should aim for at least three.

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