Is your six to twelve year old showing behavior that isn’t normal or atypical? When you look at the definition for atypical you will find that it is something that is unusual or irregular. Many people may consider different things for these types of behaviors so we will hit on a few of the more common ones.

Perhaps your child is advancing more slowly in their learning or development. Not quickly learning speech or something else. But when you get to the ages of six to twelve these behaviors will be different from those things that a young child would do.

Autism may be one of the most atypical behaviors that many parents can relate too. Autism is of course when your child is not as socially active, or may repeat actions over and over. Think of the movie “Rainman” that was about an older person with autism. But as a child it will affect their behavior because they usually won’t seek out friendships.

Some kids may even develop atypical depressive disorder. Which is depression, but as they age a child will be prone to mood swings, and depression so you need to realize when the problem is more than just a normal passing thing.

Atypical behavior can also effect in a sexual way. Studies have been done on this, but there are so many different things that they site in most research that it’s hard to fit into this article.

Though most kids will develop normally, it isn’t always the case. One thing you need to get across to your young child is that you still love them and they are still a wonderful person. Helping them to feel good about themselves and seeking out a qualified mental health professional will indeed help your child to make it past this rough part in growing up.

Do you want to learn exactly how to eliminate your child’s out-of-control and defiant behavior without using Punishments, Time-Outs, Behavioral Plans, or Rewards?

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