Most people are aware that to lose weight effectively and to be able to keep your weight at a level where you are happy, you need to be eating a well balanced diet and exercising regularly.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight yourself or you’re taking part in a national weight loss programme, regular exercise is just as important as sticking to a healthy, well balanced diet.

There’s no doubt that if you were to simply exercise regularly, you’d lose weight over time and the exact same thing can be said about just eating healthily – you would shed pounds by eating the correct foods for you.

The problem is that if you were to only do or the other, you’d find it particularly hard to lose weight quickly and effectively and be able to keep it off.

And the reason behind this is that both exercise and a good diet work hand in hand to combat your weight loss and aim to make it as natural as possible, meaning you’re unlikely to put it back on quickly.

Imagine if you were doing nothing but exercising regularly.

You were going to London gyms five or six times a week, running on the treadmills for two hours, following it with a 30 minute session developing and toning your arm and stomach muscles and carrying out all of the necessary stretches, warm ups and cool downs.

Before and after your gym sessions, however, you were eating whatever you wanted.

You’d have a Full English for breakfast, a shop bought sandwich for lunch that was high in salt and fat and then a takeaway meal for dinner.

As long as you were exercising, you would lose weight, although it may take a little longer with a diet like this.

However, the important part to note here is that you would only lose weight ‘as long as you were exercising’.

Stop the exercising and keep your diet the same and your body wouldn’t be able to change the fats it was receiving into energy as quickly as it was with the exercise and therefore whatever you ate would seem to stay on your body as fat.

Therefore, whilst regular exercise is always recommended, if you didn’t change your diet, as soon as you stopped exercising, whether that’s for a weekend, a holiday or because you were sick, you’d begin to pile the pounds back on almost instantly.

You might not like or enjoy exercising and going to, for example, London gyms and you might think that you’re able to eat what you want, but to lose weight and keep it off, maintaining your weight at a level that you’re happy with and comfortable at, you need to be eating a healthy, well balanced diet and exercising regularly.

One or the other will help in the short term and you’ll no doubt shed a few pounds by doing so, but by utilizing both of them together, you’ll tackle your weight loss head on and ensure that whatever weight you lose will stay off.

For more information about joining a London gym, visit the Fitness First website.

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