Though a balanced and nutritive diet is important to everyone but as men pay little attention to it, it is even more important to men. Most of them have fancy meals because of social contact. In fact, healthy diets not only make men look fit but also help men build their career. Men should take diets seriously right from their 20s. At that time, men are trying their best to realize their dreams and a healthy diet can help them a lot.

Men should take a reasonable amount of vitamin A. It can improve the immunity ability, protect eye vision and prevent cancers. An adult needs to take 0.7 grams every day. More is harmful too. Foods rich in vitamin A include the animal liver, dairy products, fish, tomato, carrot, almond and muskmelon.

Vitamin C is also important as it can improve the immunity ability and prevent heart disease, stroke, and protect the teeth. Long- term of taking vitamin C also delays aging. Foods rich in vitamin C are green pepper, orange, grape juice, tomato and cauliflower. According to the research, everyone needs to take 0.1- 0.2 grams, no less than 0.06 grams. That means a half glass of orange juice can meet the requirement but smokers need to take more.

Men need to drink enough water. If men want to keep their muscles, they have to drink enough water as there is 3 times more water in muscles than in the fat. Generally speaking, men should drink eight glasses of water every day.

Men need to eat foods good to the kidney. Seaweed contains alginic acid , mannitol, potassium, iodine and many trace elements. It has the same function as oyster, Chinese chives, lotus seed and the fruit of Chinese wolfberry as all can prevent deficiency of the kidney.

Men should quit smoking as soon as possible. As all know, smoking is very harmful to the body. Thus, for health, it is better for young men not to smoke. But wine is a double-edged sword because a little wine is healthy but too much harms the body.

Men need to supply with vitamin B 6. It improves the immunity ability, and prevents skin cancer and kidney stone. It can decompose homocysteine which can cause the stroke. Men should take 2 milligrams vitamin B 6, equal to eating two bananas every day. Chicken, the animal liver, potato and pear are good source of vitamin B 6.

To calm mood, men should supply with enough calcium. It is not only an important ingredient of bones and teeth, but also can calm mood. People who have a bad temper should take more milk, yoghurt, cheese and bone soup which is rich in calcium.

Men usually take many foods rich in proteins as they want to have many muscles. But in fact, they don’t need to. It is not proper to eat chicken, fish, meat and eggs in a meal, especially when in fatigue because those foods are acidic. They can increase the acidity of blood and thus, the fatigue can be increased. Instead, they need to eat more fresh vegetables and fish products.

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