1. Portion Control

Most people just need to cut down on their dinner sizes to make a real difference, a carbohydrate portion (potato/rice/pasta) should be the size of your fist and protein (meat/fish) the size and thickness of your palm, bulk out on vegetables not just because they are filling but they will give you better skin tone and keep you healthy.

2. Eat Slowly

Its very easy with our busy lives to eat while we are on the run or rush our food but we don’t really enjoy what we are eating and don’t have time to feel full, for example a sandwich, crisps and a chocolate bar can be gone in minutes, it will take 20 mins for your stomach to register if you are full by which time you may have eaten some additional biscuits, my advice, savour your food, once you have swallowed the pleasure is gone and the weight is on!

3. Drink Water

Yes I know you have heard it before, but it really does help, your body processes food better and you will expel more as waste if you are well hydrated, you will feel less tired and therefore are less likely to reach for sugary snacks. Also, often your body will send out messages that it is thirsty and you may think you are hungry so try a glass of water or juice and if you still feel hungry 20mins later then have something to eat.

4. Have a Target

You have to know why you want to lose weight, how much you want to lose and by when you feel it is important to have lost it, set yourself realistic goals, 2lb loss a week is a healthy and reasonable amount to aim for, spend some time planning and organising yourself before you start, remember fail to plan then plan to fail!

5. Be Happy About it

Remember losing weight is not just about looking thinner, its about feeling healthier, being more active, having more energy and living longer, focus on all the positives, don’t dwell on what you can’t have plan nice things that you can eat or social events to distract you from focussing on food, with The Lose It Coach nothing is forbidden just under control so there is no need to feel deprived! Good luck.

Linda Cartwright runs regular lose weight Milton Keynes sessions. So, if you have lots to lose and plenty to gain by becoming one of her ‘losers’ then come on and join The Lose-It Coach, take control of your life, make some positive, lasting changes – you CAN do it, and she CAN and WILL help you!

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