If you are thinking my teenager daughter drives me insane then I totally understand where you are coming from and I feel for you. A couple of years back my teenage daughter was going through that stage and it was tough, really tough and sometimes you just feel like giving in, don’t you? I applied some timeless relationship advice though and helped her mature into a moral young woman. Here are my top tips for those thinking my teenage daughter drives me insane.

Give her what she wants and you get what you want – Ok, I understand how strange this sounds. Always set up agreements with your teenage daughter so that you and her both win from the situation. This can be done in nearly any situation. For example, she might be begging you for $ 10 to go to see a movie. Tell her she can have it but she has to do something for you first. Then offload one of your daily tasks to her. You are teaching her the value of hard work.

Look through her eyes – When you were her age were you a little like her? Be honest with yourself. It is an important stage in development for a teenager to go through that stage. Imagine you were her, what would you be thinking? When she complains or annoys you, use this technique and imagine looking through her eyes at you. You can then give her what she wants and get what you want and you will both be happy.

Get her involved – Get her involved in something she will feel passionate about. Sometimes teenage daughters drive you insane because they feel frustrated. When you put yourself into something you love, you find yourself gelling with people better because you have something to focus on. You could her her join a sports club or give her more responsibility around the house to get that feeling of independence she craves so much for example.

“I bet you’re searching the internet looking for the best methods to handle your out of control teen for free and I totally understand that. I was in your position and all the information seemed too much and information conflicted and it was pretty annoying at the time.

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