Is it any wonder teenagers are confused and afraid. The world is changing faster than at any time in history. We talk casually of disasters like world wars and famine, global warming and shortages of food and petroleum products, environmental disasters and other fears without giving our children any reassurances for the future.

Teenagers these days are bombarded with worldwide news reports, usually of disasters and unpleasant events. We hear it in the music they listen to and see the influence in the movies and games they choose.

There is a way to give your teenager a positive outlook for the future and to help them overcome any obstacles life throws in their path.

Mind movies are the ultimate visualisation tool. They show positive, inspiring pictures while playing bright upbeat music to inspire the viewer with enthusiasm. They are an excellent tool for positive thinking and if you follow the Law of Attraction principles, they are great for strengthening and focusing thoughts to speed the manifestation of your goals.

The best thing about Mind Movies is that you can create your own. There are sample movies available for free to give you an idea of what a good mind movie looks like, and to show you how powerful they can be, but the best way to make them work is to design your own.

Teenagers are exploring their world and learning about themselves. One of the best ways to help them to understand themselves and to work out their goals in life is to get them to make their own personal mind movies. They love to look at pictures, from family albums and snap shots and from the internet and magazines. Teenagers have strong ideas on music but if they are encouraged to put together their own mind movie using a positive, upbeat theme, they will choose music that they find inspiring.

Teenagers need to feel they have some sort of control over their future. Mind movies can help them decide what they want, and to help them focus on a positive future.

Wendy Streater wants to inspire the world to live passionate, exciting lives full of love and laughter.

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