Healthy weight loss is what anyone, who wants to lose extra pounds, should do. You can make damages to your hear by losing weight quickly. Some people even suffered a heart attack, because the muscle of heart it got thinner. The average of loosing weight is kg per week. The keys of loosing weight are eating less and exercise more. Eating healthy, without starving, and drinking enough liquids help you body to burn fats by making sport. Here are some tips for a healthy way of loosing weight.

1.Drink water or liquids that do not have calories:
Sometimes we can confuse thirst with hunger. Drink a glass of water when you feel hungry and you will see this was what actually you needed.

2.Keep a diet that is suitable with your organism:
The best way in finding out which diet is the best choice for you go and visit a specialist, because he will make an individualized diet. Keeping a diet can be fun. Try a diet that includes the food you like most. It will help you in keeping it for all the period.

3.Eat fresh vegetables:
Try to avoid mixing meat proteins with vegetables and bred. You can have a breakfast with fresh juice from vegetables. It will bring you more strength in the morning.

4.Eat more fish and chicken meat than cow or pork:
Fish and chicken meat are not rich in calories, especially when you boil them or cook on the grill. Instead, pork and cow have more fats inside the muscles. Eating less caloric food will help you burn the fats you already have.

5.Workout and burn the belly fat:
Researches have shown that having fat on belly brings many health problems. From this come heart diseases and hernias.

6.Increase eating the food with non soluble fibers:
Fresh vegetables and fruits have fibers, but also a quality fiber you can take from wheat barn. It can be tasty if you mix it with milk or with little honey.

7.Avoid eating cakes and sweets from market on the whole diet period:
If you really are lover of sweets and cakes try to make it easier for you by eating dark chocolate, which is healthy.

8.Do not wait to eat only when you feel hunger:
Eat more meals in the day, avoid feeling to starve. You may eat much more when you feel hungry. Try to have apples, fresh juice from fruits or vegetables. It will bring you more vitamins, but also you will avoid eating too much.

9.Keep a food journal:
A journal for food will help you see what you eat on the entire period. You can easily calculate the calories you eat and will help you have a regular time of meals.

10.Focus on being healthy and not on getting slim:
Many of people who keep a diet are focusing on getting fast thinner. This is the purpose of diet, but everybody must focus on keeping the organism healthy and not deprive it from health.

Though some of the above tips seem simple its in the discipline with which you follow these tips which make all the difference in you getting in shape. There are audio tracks designed scientifically which have relaxation audio and also affirmation messages to support your decisions and actions you take towards loosing extra weight. Its not always easy to have the mood and mindset to keep you following the good practices and these audios are really helpful in that direction. Its also easy to use these audios as you can listen to them and can do anything like while you are doing your regular activities you can listen to these audios in an mp3 player or your stereo system. You can also play it anytime anywhere. Since its listening to audios this is the easiest way you can help yourself to enforce the thoughts of sticking to your fat loss routines.

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