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The Paleo diet reduces body fat, enhances the immune system and increase overall level of energy. In this article you will learn why the Paleo diet was out together, exactly what kind of meals you can devour on the Paleo diet and become aware what really the positives to the Paleo diet are.

Let me begin by saying, the Paleo diet was first introduced in the mid 1970’s when a gastroenterologist named Walter L. Voegtlin implemented a diet made up of the foods that the caveman would eat during the Paleolithic Era.

The logic behind the development of the Paleo diet was nutritionist felt that the caveman was more physically fit, posses greater strength and was free from today’s common illnesses as compared to today’s modern man.

We are certain that the caveman was functional as a hunter and gatherer who capitalized from foods that his environment provided. The caveman had no farming skills and did not use preservatives. The caveman had become an excellent hunter and had numerous growing wild plants, fruits and vegetables to select from.

The caveman would eat an equal balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. This is important as many in the medical field prefer NOT subjecting yourself to one food group but to create meals involving all food groups. Many of the dairy products as we see today were not consumed by caveman.

Meats such as pork chops or salmon, beef and chicken along with spinach, eggplant and asparagus are a small sample of the Paleo diet. Desserts are usually made from fruits like bananas and berries. Many delicious salads exist but the important factor is meals are prepared fresh containing no preservatives. The Paleo diet contains no processed foods.

The blessings of the Paleo diet are great as not only as people are getting rid of excess fat from eating the Paleo diet foods but they gain more discipline and are able to control the desire of overeating. Many preservatives are known to actual increase one’s appetite creating greater hunger and weight gain.

People on the Paleo diet appears to be more energized and do not notice that heavy fat feeling after eating a meal. Their skin is healthier and over time they notice a stronger immune system. The greatest advantage about the Paleo diet is your diminishing the chance of high risk disease like colon cancer, diabetes and heart disease. This is due to eliminating dangerous processed food with great concentrations of fats and preservatives.

The Paleo is diet is simple to follow and meals easy to prepare. I greatly emphasize that you examine the 300 plus Paleo diet recipes and learn first hand the many types of meals put together. Numerous people obtain Paleo diet success with the basic meals from the Paleo diet

Troy Powers is a follower of the Paleo diet and recommends Paleo diet recipes for they utilize natural foods allowing safe weight loss and improvement to your overall general health. Still undecided then read Paleo diet review and discover more Paleo diet info.

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