The recent circus surrounding the dangers of Hydroxycut and many other dietary supplements has understandably made people very wary about the potentially dubious promises which these supplements make. The problem is that the FDA has very little control over the claims these companies make, and the consumer often gets taken advantage of because of it. A lot of people were taken in by the claims of quick weight loss through these products and found themselves disappointed and disillusioned afterwards.

The Good News

The good news, though, is that achieving a healthy diet is well within your power. While it can be harder to eat healthy than it is to take a few pills every day, the results are enough to warrant the extra effort. By following a few simple tips, you can start losing weight the healthy, natural way:

Recognize that there’s no silver bullet. Every few years, another diet comes along claiming that it will produce amazing results. Atkins comes and goes, the South Beach Diet comes and goes. While these diets occasionally work, at least temporarily, they are usually disproved by researchers.
A healthy diet is one of moderation. Many diets fail because the people on them try to go overboard, cutting out lots of foods with the hope of losing weight quickly. But these diets fail because they are impossible to stick to. If you love chocolate and tell yourself you’re never eating it again until you’ve lost fifteen pounds, you’re likely to crack under the strain. The trick is to eat in moderation. You can still eat the foods you love, just cut down the number of times you indulge a week. It may take a little bit longer to lose the weight, but you’re much more likely to see it through.
Read the nutritional facts. When we’re young, we tend to ignore the nutritional facts printed on the side of food products. But as we get older, they become a much greater concern. Some popular diet foods may be low in fat, but high in carbohydrates, which can turn into fats in the body, and salts, which can cause you to retain water and look heavier. Before you buy foods, look at how they fit into your daily plan. Compare similar foods and look for the healthier option.

By sticking to these easy tips, you stand a much better chance of losing weight and keeping it off than you do through a fad diet or with the help of snake-oil supplements.

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