Weight Loss

There are two things that I’m sure of in this life. The first thing is that the natural way is always the best and safest way to do anything and the second thing is that cardio can go a long way in helping you loose weight. I know how it feels to look at the skinny runway models and wonder what happened to the days when you could pass off as a swim suit model. Well I didn’t just leave it at wishful thinking. I went and bought all the products you know of that promise to burn your fat sooner than you thought possible.

Some products were simply a waste of my money because the only thing that had grown visibly smaller is the amount of cash in my pockets! The ones that actually did work only had lasting effects for a very short while, before the weight all came back and at times even more than what I had before. I had gone on all those fat burning soups and weight loss diets that have ever been n existence. I bounced from one diet to another and at some point health actually started deteriorating. Let’s just say hat there is only that much that your body can do when all it is being given are some herbs and some pills.

I woke up one day and decided that I’m done fighting with my weight issues. I decided that I will embark on a journey to love my body the way I am. However big or small I am. I got a job a coupe of blocks from where I lived but he fact that I didn’t have a car meant that I had t walk to work every single morning. I would wake up early and walk for about 20 minutes to where the office was; of cause I had to wake up earlier so because my pace wasn’t that fast and it would have taken a healthier person probably less than 10 minutes to get there. The building didn’t have an elevator so I had to get to the 7th floor using the stairs.

At first it was hell and I actually thought of quitting the job because of how frustrating it was to go to work. With time my peed increased and I didn’t notice any change until about two months down the line my clothes started getting buggy. In actual sense I was getting smaller. About 4 months later I had lost a considerable amount of weight that was visible even to my colleagues. I decided to couple it with a morning jog every morning before going to work. This increased the rate at which I was loosing weight.

My progress gave me both hope and motivation to go on. I took a step further and signed up at the local gym. I started lifting weights and using all those shinny looking machines. In just a matter of 14 months I had gone from a size 16 to a size 10 and I maintained that weight.

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