In this article we will look at 8 tips for natural weight loss

1. Make a Plan:

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail that is an old saying but it is an accurate one. Unless you are following a diet plan that provides pre-packaged food, you will need to sit down each evening after dinner and plan what you will be ‘allowed’ to eat the following day. This plan will help to keep you from overeating or eating things that are not on your list for the day.

2. Keep a food diary:

Calories are so sneaky. They are everywhere even in the most innocent looking food. The rule you need to follow to keep your food diary is that before you put anything into your mouth you write it down. Keep your food diary handy you don’t want to have to look for it. A food diary can tell you many things. You can find the hidden calories or you can find the ones that you can eliminate painlessly if your food diary is complete and accurate.

3. Keep a Journal:

This can be kept in the same notebook that you use for your food diary or it can be separate. I have found that each relates to the other but do it your way just do it. Start your diet journal by writing down the date and your feelings about yourself. Use your journal to record the foods that you eat, when you eat them and why you eat them. This journal can be a key that will help you unlock your inner feelings that cause you to overeat and help you to overcome temptations when they arise and they WILL arise. Write something in your journal everyday whether you think it relates to your diet or not EVERYTHING relates to your diet. A call from a friend, a work related problem or a spat with your sister all affect how you feel about yourself and how you feel about yourself affects every aspect of your life including your diet.

4. Set Goals:

Goals come in two varieties. There are long term goals and there are short term goals. Long term goals are realized by achieving short term goals. For example: Let’s say you want to lose 40 pounds. Losing 40 pounds is a long term goal. It isn’t going to happen next week. A short term goal is to lose 1 pound. That is a doable short term goal. So make two lists one for long term goals and don’t limit this list to just weight loss think about what you would like to accomplish in your life. You might want to learn a foreign language or travel abroad or learn to knit. It doesn’t matter what your long term goals are as long as they are things that will make you fell happier.

The second list will have to be made every week. This short term list are the baby steps. that you need to take in order to reach your long term goals. Look at your long term list and make your short term list. For example: You might put ‘lose 1 pound’ on your short term list. You might also put, ‘check out French Lesson Tapes from library’ or ‘Get travel brochure. The way that long term goals are met are by meeting short terms goals often enough to get there. It’s the way that all great things are accomplished by human beings. Only God can create instant miracles.

5. Make an Exercise Plan:

You can only reduce your intake of calories just so far. You have to eat so a plan to eat less AND exercise more is the better way to plan to lose weight. Exercise can’t be done only when the mood strikes you it won’t strike. You need to set aside a time (or more than one time) each day to exercise in whatever way you choose. Remember when you were a kid? You exercised then…you just called it ‘play’ and it was what you did that was fun. The same is true now that you are all grown up. Your exercise shouldn’t be a burden but rather something that you can enjoy and challenge yourself with. Choose an exercise that will give you satisfaction and even pleasure. If you choose walking as an exercise then find a walking partner that you love to be with and one that can make you laugh.

6. Reward Yourself:

Remember those goals we talked about? When you reach a goal a short term one Even give yourself a pat on the back. It might sound silly but buy yourself some stick on gold stars and put one on your journal page when you lose a pound or when you exercise every day. Write in big bold letters YEA! GOOD FOR ME! Reward yourself even more for each 5 pounds of weight lose. Buy yourself a new pair of earrings or a new scarf or a wallet. Have you nails done whatever makes you feel good about yourself is a reward just NOT FOOD. Never ever use food as a reward. For a 10 pound weight loss make the reward even bigger and better.

7. Get Support:

Losing weight is a hard and sometimes lonely thing. When we are in the midst of doing battle with ourselves and effecting life altering changes we need support. We can’t do it all by ourselves.

8. Forgive Yourself:

We all fail sometimes. One little failure, however, is not reason enough to quip altogether. So you had a weak moment and ate something that you shouldn’t have or you got lazy and skipped an exercise appointment with yourself just forgive yourself, promise you that you will do better and stay with your weight loss program. The rewards for success are worth every bit of the effort.

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