To benefit from the HCG weightloss system, you have no alternative but to rigorously adhere to its procedures. You will find simply two – the diet protocol and the hcg intake protocol – so sticking strictly to them should not present a problem.

You have to be prepared for each protocol. The HCG absorption may be the easy one, however you have a couple of choices of administration and you most likely have to be familiar with each to help you to pick what kind is relevant in your condition. Besides the method of absorption, there is the length of the program to consider. You have a choice of a 23-day plan or a 43-day package. Each will present unique sets of procedures.

Whatever the selected administration, you need to remember you are to take in 125 iu of the hormone first thing every day for 23 days in case you are on a 23-day package and a little less than that in case you are on a 43-day time-schedule. In case you pick the oral method you are to take the hcg hormone 3 times a day. It is possible to absorb the hcg almost any hour of the day but the very next day you should take it exactly the same hour you took it the preceding day.

The HCG diet protocols are not complex. You need to reduce your calorie consumption to 500 calories on a daily basis. The food will be composed mostly of proteins and fiber loaded foods and you really are to take in a great amount of fluids, water preferably. This diet must continue for 26 days, extending three days immediately after your last HCG consumption. Though not truly part of the diet proper but a necessary part of the plan, for three days starting with day one of the HCG consumption, you are to load yourself with the calories you are able to ingest. The reason for this is simple. The 500 calorie a day diet is not easy. There is danger you might not have sufficient energy to last this program. The load-up days ensure you have adequate source of energy for the calorie limited timeframe.

You do not have to be concerned about what you may include in meals. The HCG diet is available complete with a diet recipe formulated by Dr. Simeon, the originator of the program. It will likely be far easier in your case should you merely stick to this diet menu and not to formulate your own.





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