Dieting makes you live in moments of time which consist of on again and off again. This may sound a little crazy but it’s true. You don’t think about it because you believe you are doing something good that is going to make you feel and look great. After you complete the article I want you to really take some time and think about what I just mentioned. There are numerous diets that range from three days to six months or more that are making you temporary. Say you go on a diet for eight weeks to lose 20lbs or something. While you are on the diet you are living in an eight week moment. Everything that happens during the eight weeks will be temporary. That includes the healthy food you were eating and the physical activity you engaged in.

This happens because before you begin your diet you had an internal conversation and we all have internal conversations. Your conversation probably went something like the following. I only have to eat this way for eight weeks and then it’s back to my favorite foods. During this time of enjoying your favorite foods you are in your off again moment. While you are in the off again moment you gain the weight back and possibly more. Here is your reaction. Oh my gosh, I have to go on a diet again! What happens now? You enter the on again moment.

You have to break free from living in diet moments. You have to change this into something that will be lasting. You don’t want to live the rest of your life in diet moments. You don’t want to be a temporary person because this is what diets do to you. You don’t want it to control your life. Those diet moments will cause frustration, obsession, and low self esteem amongst other unwanted things. Make it a priority and goal to breakaway from the diet moments permanently.

Ash Timmons is a weight loss coach at Weight Loss Psyche who offers a free video and CD. She really has a passion for helping individuals achieve permanent weight loss. Her goal is to help as many people as she can that are currently overweight and feel completely hopeless. She wants to teach overweight individuals how to experience true success in a no nonsense way. She wants to teach you the same no nonsense principles that helped her lose 65lbs and she’s still losing.

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